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Heavy Concrete is made of heavy natural aggregates, such as barite or magnetite, as well as aggregates, such as iron ore. The density is around 190 - 260 lb / ft 3. The normal density of concrete mass is around 140 pounds / foot 3. Light concrete. Light concrete consists of light coarse materials, such as shales from an expanded rotary kiln, clay or slate. In place the density is usually 90 - 115 pounds / foot 3 compared to ordinary concrete, which has a density in the range of 140 - 150 pounds / foot 3. Light concrete reduces the weight of concrete structures, which allows the use of smaller supporting beams, columns and foundations. High concrete strength. High strength Concrete is a special mix of concrete with a strength of more than 6,000 psi or 42 MPa (megapascal). Special blends are created based on the application you need. Typical applications are high constructions and bridges. High early concrete. High early concrete, sometimes called fast-curing or quick-setting concrete, is a great solution when you need to save time and money. Without reducing the strength, High Early Concrete can reach 20 MPa (megapascal) or around 2,900 psi in just 24 hours.

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